Book Talk and Signing – Listening to Stone

Dan will be speaking and signing books at the Champlain Valley Fair this Sunday 8/30 at 2 pm in the Ware Building. Hope to see you there. Details below.

The Vermont Agency of Agriculture is bringing a Taste of Vermont back to the Champlain Valley Fair!  


From August 29th to September 7th the Ware Building at the Champlain Valley Exposition will be bursting with local flavor and activities as it is transformed into the Taste of Vermont Pavilion.  


The Vermont Agency of Agriculture in partnership with Phoenix Books is once again hosting the Taste of Vermont Pavilion. Fairgoers can celebrate food and the working landscape that are so important here in Vermont, through interactive sections such as Kitchen Corner, Education Barnyard, Phoenix Books’ Bookstore, Vermont Spirits Villa, Best of Vermont Taster’s Choice Competition and the Main St. Market. 

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3 Responses to Book Talk and Signing – Listening to Stone

  1. tracey.blackwell September 12, 2009 at 10:18 pm #

    Hello Dan. You came and gave a talk to my branch of the DSWA in Yorkshire, April 2002, not long after publishing In the Company of Stone and soon after completion of the Archer’s Pavilion. I found your modesty and demeanour captivating and your style of walling inspirational. I still do, and am now writing here to thank you sincerely for sharing your experience and creativity through Listening to Stone. I have devoured each word hungrily.
    There is one paragraph in particular which spoke volumes to me and which I have read many times:
    ‘I enjoy the stability of a placid existence but I know that occasional disruption and upheaval are necessary to stimulate fresh thought and circulate new ideas. It takes some willingness to let go in order to grow. I know I’m never going to learn any new dances by watching my own feet’.
    Wow. Just fantastic. Keep flying free amongst the stone Dan.

  2. Dan Snow August 28, 2009 at 10:51 am #

    Thanks, Ben. In 2001, after working alone with stone for twenty-five years, I published “In the Company of Stone.” It was my way of introducing the work I’d been doing to the wider world. Since then I’ve learned that my books, and especially the blog, are ways that others can introduce themselves to me. I’ve made the stonework and the stonework has made me friends.

  3. Ben August 27, 2009 at 2:53 pm #

    love the site, great work.

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