Testing Trio

I had a request to post photos of the timed test walls built by myself, Neil Rippingale and Chris Tanguay in Kentucky last October. So, here they are, all received passing marks! 

Photos: top – Dan, middle – Neil, bottom – Chris.

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2 Responses to Testing Trio

  1. In the Company of Stone December 10, 2010 at 5:58 pm #

    Thanks, Mark. Many more photos can be found on Flickr – link to the feed can be found by scrolling down a little on my site inthecompanyofstone.com

  2. Mark J December 10, 2010 at 2:56 am #

    Thanks for putting up the pics. Dale told me so much about each one. Great work-got any more? How about with all the wild awards given out.

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