Points in Space

Every new idea leads to an adventure. In the past when I’ve wanted to record and transfer “points-in-space” from a clay model to a full scale construction I’ve made a grid-style guide frame and physically measured the distance from the frame to the surface of the model. To build the horse eye sculpture I will need thousands of measurements on a 6”x6” grid. My new idea was to find someone who could digitally scan the model for the measurements I would need.

Jim Greene, and his wife Jane, own JMR Systems in Derry, New Hampshire. I tracked them down through my connections in the model-making world. On Monday I took the clay model to them, and in a just a couple hours Jim was able to scan it using a Konica Minolta Range5 Non-contact Digitizer and give me a list of X,Y and Z coordinates that correspond to points on the surface of the sculpture.

Trying something different in my sculpture-creating process has taken me to a region of New Hampshire I haven’t visited before, introduced me to two very interesting people and given me an insight into a new technology.

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2 Responses to Points in Space

  1. Dan Snow December 4, 2011 at 5:26 pm #

    Thanks, John. I know you have used digital imaging to design stone projects, too. It a brave new world worth exploring.

  2. John Shaw-Rimmington December 4, 2011 at 3:04 pm #

    That’s so cool Dan. I like your design idea a lot and very interested in the new development of graphing it with a computer to get the coordinate points for building it.
    Primitive stonework and modern mathematical technology meshing together ‘co-efficiantly’.
    Again, very cool. Kudos

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