• RKLA Studio and Dan Snow Stoneworks

    TCLF Garden Dialogues: Artists in Residence: Vermont

    On Saturday, July 15th, The Cultural Landscape Foundation will sponsor a garden dialogue with Robin Key of RKLA Studio in ...

RKLA Studio and Dan Snow Stoneworks

TCLF Garden Dialogues: Artists in Residence: Vermont

On Saturday, July 15th, The Cultural Landscape Foundation will sponsor a garden dialogue with Robin Key of RKLA Studio in conversation with artist, Dan Snow. A fourth generation of the Key family has begun to ramble Winhall Hollow. Pond and stream, woods and fields, are the wider setting for their active home and garden life. […]

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Dan Snow, Isosceles Stone Wall

The Isosceles Stone Wall

Even without the silhouette of a crosswalking pedestrian or leaping deer, road signs with a triangular outline convey a message of caution; warning the traveler to be aware of what lies ahead. The sharp angles draw attention because they represent sudden change. Survival of the human species has depended on the ability of individuals to […]

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Dan Snow, The Hollow

The Stone Hollow

A home is the space we occupy in a house. The roof and walls are only defensive barricades. The positive aspects of homelife manifest themselves in the negative spaces. A building is woken to its purpose when occupied. Architecture needs activity before it can be mindful and humane. Environmental art serves a wider community. It […]

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Art of the Outdoors

My classmate, Hass, and I were standing on a rooftop on the lower west side of Manhattan watching a dance performance taking place in a vacant lot across the street when he nudged me and whispered, “That’s Robert Smithson.” The tall guy to my left at the parapet, in a cowboy hat and black trench […]

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Dan Snow, Holy Well

The Holy Well

Plans made for potential events in the distant future rely on wishful, sometimes magical, thinking. One example that comes to mind is that of friends who purchased a magnum of wine at the time of their daughter’s birth with the intention of it being uncorked on the day she was married (she was and it […]

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Dan Snow, Wilder Cemetery volunteer walling day

Action in a Resting Place

Concluding her remarks at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation roast recently, Hillary Clinton said, “…for each of us, our greatest monument on this earth won’t be what we build, but the lives we touch.” She was speaking about doing good deeds toward those living around us. But what about those who lived in the […]

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Dan Snow, Fire Circle Square

Fire Circle Square

The gem industry has very successfully paired stone types with general topics of personal interest. Zodiac signs and milestone life-events are examples of gems being assigned by association to gift giving opportunities. The phrase, “A diamond is forever”, first appeared in a De Beers Mines ad in 1948 connecting the gem to wedding engagement. Less […]

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Dan Snow, stone well cover

Stone Well Cover

I can only imagine the pride a 19th century homesteader might have had, on the completion of a hand-dug, stone-lined water well. The clear, cold water contained in it would have been an essential ingredient for any hill farm’s success. Some old wells are still in use today at venerable New England homes, while other […]

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Dan Snow, Lucy's Place, Memorial Stones

Lucy’s Place

Just as the removal of one letter from the word ”whole” creates a “hole”, the loss of a family member leaves a void for those left behind. One way to help heal the rift is to remember the departed with a permanent marker on the landscape. A stone memorial can fuse the acknowledgment of their […]

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Dan Snow, Ripple Effects in Stone

A Ripple Effect in Stone and Steel

As part of its 40th anniversary, the Montshire Museum of Science in Norwich, Vermont commissioned me to create a permanent, interactive, environmental art piece. The result is a 1,000 sq. ft. dry stone and stainless steel sculpture that rises like a geologic upthrust from the open space alongside the museum entryway. Visitors can walk, climb […]

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Dan Snow Land Shark

Finn Island at Landmark College

A shark must be constantly moving onward to pass water through its mouth to the gills where oxygen is extracted. Similarly, forward momentum is essential for bringing a land art shark to life. During the month of May, a 22 meter long sculpture surfaced on the quad at Landmark College in Putney, Vermont. The dorsal […]

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Dan Snow, Snow Fence

Snow Fence

If you’ve ever looked at the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching you may have noticed a resemblance to stacks of stones. Each hexagram is a different arrangement of six lines, some solid and others broken in the middle; a little like a wall with random gaps between stones. It’s the randomness that lends fair […]

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