• Dan Snow, Ripple Effects in Stone

    A Ripple Effect in Stone and Steel

    As part of its 40th anniversary, the Montshire Museum of Science in Norwich, Vermont commissioned me to create a permanent, ...

Dan Snow Stone Memorial Bench

Stone Memorial Bench

There’s much to be considered in the process of producing of a stone memorial. Even something as simple as a bench requires discussion about setting, size, shape, materials, and the wording, layout and carving of a dedication. Often there are many family members and friends involved in the choices to be made. My task as […]

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Dan Snow, Cairn Twist

Cairn With a Twist

While chipping away on stones going into the making of a cairn last week, my client’s daughter came into the backyard and asked where I get my ideas. My answer was scarcely informative, as I couldn’t think of anything specific I’d referenced when designing the shape in front of us. I did say that one […]

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Dan Snow, Rock Springs

Rock Springs Revisited

Building dry stone art is often a solitary pursuit. Accomplishments take place in the long stretches between contact with others. As my projects expand into the public realm the way forward is peppered with people. For someone whose focus has been on engagement with inert matter, to be devoting attention to a multiplicity of human […]

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Dan Snow Dry Stone Walling Workshop Boise Idaho

Gravitational Pull and Push

Dry stone walling instruction introduces the two faces of gravity to workshop participants. Gravity is both glue and lubricant; holding stones in place and slipping them apart. Opposites are at work at all times and that dichotomy is at the heart of dry stone construction. The earth’s gravitational force is pervasive, ever-present and unstoppable. It’s […]

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Dan Snow Stone Clouds

Artist Statement Stone Clouds

Dan Snow Artist Statement for Stone Clouds Eyes on the Land, Pizzagalli Center for Art & Education at Shelburne Museum from October 3, 2015 through January 3, 2016. http://shelburnemuseum.org/exhibitions/eyes-on-the-land/ Stone Clouds is a tribute to the sustainable agriculture practiced by generations of Mettawee Valley farmers who’ve picked tons of stones from their fields, all by […]

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Dan Snow Stone Clouds, Shelburne Museum

Stone Clouds Materialized

Getting myself out of the trouble I put myself in is the objective. The final product may be an art piece but that’s not the half of it. Problem making and problem solving is the bulk of the trade. The shape of a project is pointy at opposite ends and lumpy in the middle. The […]

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Dan Snow, Rock Springs

Rock Springs

The cat is out of the bag. Until now, I’ve had to keep it confidential, but today The Scotsman and North Star News published images and copy regarding Rock Springs, the dry stone art piece I completed in July for Glenmorangie Distillery in Tain, Scotland. Constructed from locally sourced “rescue” stones, the commissioned land art […]

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Dan Snow Amphitheater

Amphitheater Studies

An amphitheater is a directionally focalized outdoor seating area. The curved risers allow the presenter’s voice to be heard clearly by the entire audience, and they are afforded uninterrupted sightlines to the presenter. The two things that most improve acoustics in an amphitheater are the decrease of ambient sound and the increase in audience membership. […]

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Dan Snow, Stone Clouds, Shelburne Museum

Stone Clouds

“Permanent” is one adjective I associate with my dry stone constructions. When I was asked to make a temporary installation on the grounds of the Shelburne Museum for the upcoming “Eyes on the Land” exhibition, some very different affiliations sprang to mind. And so, as I became acquainted with the Vermont Land Trust properties in […]

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Dan Snow, Lilyfield

Lilyfield 2

It’s commonly understood that clocks measure time passing, but I happen to think that clocks actually measure our passage through time. In my view, time is a static omnipresence. The swirling signet carved on the Cadboll stone, and other Pictish stones, is an attempt by a people to represent their existence in time. The symbol […]

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