I employ the tried-and-true to produce something new by stretching the craft of dry stone beyond tradition. Familiar settings are transformed into striking surroundings by constructing tactilely inviting forms using time-worn materials. 

The environmental art installations I create expand the ecological communities of a place and commingle human activity with the natural world. 

The work I do is collaborative, but not just with the elements that nature offers me. Because I’m often the only one shifting, lifting and setting stone at a site, it would appear that I work alone. It’s by the invitation of property owners that I’m commissioned to construct permanent landforms, and it’s those individuals, companies and institutions that are my partners even though they may not be present in the building process. They entrust me to understand and respect their interests as I plan and execute a work of art in the environment.

When now and again a stone falls into place that is utterly inevitable, I feel I am suddenly standing under a shower of grace. For an instant I feel inevitable, too.