Environmental Art Workshop in Finland

As part of the Sixth International Conference on Environmental Aesthetics in Koli, Finland, a group of students from The University of Art and Design Helsinki created - under the direction of Dan Snow - a dry stone environmental art installation.
With many thanks to:
Markku Hakuri and Jukka Tommila for presenting the opportunity to work - and live - with a group of incredibly talented students for 2 weeks. Jukka and Liisa Tommila for welcoming us to their home, studios and sauna.
Inka Finell for invaluable organizational and on-site support.
Jari, Elina, Sampsa, Juho, Tjasa, Kirsi, Elisa, Lluis, Kerstin, and Mika for their creative spirits and boundless energy.
And to the landscape and stones of the Koli National Park for inspiration and raw materials.

Dan Snowart, stone, stoneworks