Cornwall Stone Event

The Art of the Stone Wall

When Chris and Becky Dayton contacted Dummerston stone artist, Dan Snow to build a wall in front of their house, they had in mind a simple stone wall. They were amazed and delighted with the completed work of art; a pair of freestanding walls that fan out in multiple directions to create a series of intriguing spaces. Snow is a sculptor who uses traditional dry stone walling techniques to make his art. He is also a Mastercraftsman/Examiner with the Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain.

On October 20th, guests were invited to meet Dan Snow, hear him talk about his work, enjoy food and drink catered by Martha Winant and explore the Dayton’s stone wall environmental art piece. The video documentary, “Stone Rising”, by Camilla Rockwell, ran continuously during the afternoon. The DVD and the beautiful book, “In the Company of Stone”, by Dan Snow, was available for purchase.

This event was a dual benefit. Over $1500 was raised - with proceeds shared equally with the Town Hall Theater in Middlebury and Great River Arts Institute in Bellows Falls.

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