The Dummerston "Town Pound" Workshop

The Dummerston "Town Pound" workshop on October 4 and 5 was a great success. Fine autumn weather made for excellent working conditions. Sixteen participants took their charge, to build with deliberative care, seriously, but at the same time, lighted the work with good humor.

We began by examining the work completed in the 2007 GRAI workshop next to the Dummerston town office building. Having an example of a free-standing stone fence to use for discussion points helped bring clarity to the process of building the pound.

Participants gained confidence in their skills as they saw how adherence to basic walling principals eased the work ahead. Using all stones with their length into the wall made the breaking of joints on the centerline of the stone below, easier. Every stone laid with a level top surface gave a good platform for the course that followed. And keeping an eye on the guidelines with every stone laid made for a fine wall face finish.

Future workshops will continue the building of Dummerston's new "Old Pound." Dates to be announced.

Dan Snowart, stone, stoneworks