Q and A about a Local (USA) Branch of the Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain

From a recent email inquiry.

Q. I am writing to inquire if you can point me in the right
direction for a local (SE New England) branch of DSWA. I am
interested in taking courses in order to learn the craft.

A. There are no DSWA branches in the USA. A number of American wallers
have gained DSWA certification, myself included, but we don't have any
formal ties as a group with the association. Maybe someday there will
be enough DSWA members in one area of the country to get together on a
regular basis. As for now, there are perhaps three dozen people
around the northeast who have passed one or more of the four DSWA
certification test scheme levels.

I will be offering walling workshops through Great River Arts
Institute in May, July and October.

If you, or perhaps an organization in your area, would like to put on
a workshop I am available to instruct. I can also recommend other
DSWA qualified craftsmen as instructors.