Dry Stone Walling Workshop: The Dummerston Town Pound

In October of 1796, Benjamin Alvord built a livestock pound for the town of Dummerston, Vermont. The size of the fence was 4 feet wide at the base and 6 feet in height. Each of the four sides was 36 feet long. The site, in Dummerston Center, was near where the Historical Society building stands today but nothing remains of the original pound.

This coming weekend, May 9-10, the 2nd - in a series of 5 workshops to recreate the Dummerston Town Pound - will be held in Dummerston Center, VT. Pre-registration required.

We look forward to welcoming 12 pre-registered workshop participants this weekend.
Please bring: Water, hot drink mug (we'll have coffee and tea available), Bag lunch (optional - we'll do a deli run mid-day by request ), eye protection/safety glasses, work gloves, sun protection/hat/lotion, bug lotion, rain gear, sturdy work boots
Tools: any personal stone-working tools - hammer, prybar, etc. , we'll have some tools available.

The workshop site is located next to the Town Clerk and Historical Society buildings.