Workshop in Newfoundland Aug 10 - 14

Building with Dry Stone—Utility and Artistry
August 10-14, 10:00 – 4:00 (with lunch break)
Workshop fee: $400 (including materials and a signed copy of Listening to Stone)
Registration Deadline: July 27
In this workshop with renowned artist and writer Dan Snow, participants will learn and practice time-honored dry stone walling skills, while feeling part of the natural world. Instruction will be offered on the subjects of history, design, tools and techniques of dry stone construction. The workshop will include sketching three-dimensionally on site, making and setting up wall profile guides, sorting stone according to “best use” practices, preparing foundations, covering joints and laying stones into the wall. In the practice of dry stone walling, comprehension is gained through repetition. Coherence of place is recognizable in the repetition of elements, textures and colours present in the environment. Investigations of local cultural patterns on the land, wildlife habitats and daily/seasonal environmental cycles arouse curiosity about a place and invite deeper study into their order and pattern. Durable truths can be discovered in the aesthetics of place. Participants will be encouraged to translate their perceptions into artistic expressions through the medium of stone.
Contact the English Harbour Arts Association for information and questions about the workshop.