Farewell and Thanks to English Harbour Newfoundland

Many thanks to all who made my stay at English Harbour a delight. I enjoyed getting to know staff, volunteers and workshop participants, alike.

EHAC Founders and Executive Committee: Kim Paddon, Dave Paddon, Cynthia Kemerer, Peter Kemerer, Deb Wickwire, Jim Wickwire, and Ray Fowlow. Manager -Jack Stanley. Stone wranglers - Martin Hiscock, Lucas Walters, Richard Pippy. Intern - Amber Hopkins. Workshop participants - Dave Paddon, David Ellis, Dave Wells, Helen Peters, Maurice Devine, Chris Sacrey, Bela Simo.

Special thanks to brothers, Doug and Ches Penny for the fresh caught cod and local lore.

The workshop setting, overlooking the sea, could not have been more beautiful. Wild blueberries and raspberries were ripe for picking. Fin, Minke and Humpback whales fed on capelin under the coastal cliffs nearby. While we were working on the construction, two moose came out of the forest to graze in the open land at the edge of the village.