Harley School in Rochester NY

Artist in residence this week at the Harley School in Rochester, NY. Check out this story and video in YNN News.
"Students returning to The Harley School will see some new construction outside their building and they will play a large role in the finished product. Students will help some renowned craftsmen build a dry stone wall in front of the school. A course accompanying the project will introduce students to the complexities of what is known as "man's first trade."
Seminars will cover the practical applications at work, such as math, science, geology and physics that go into building a wall without mortar. Then the students put what they learn into practice.
"We're also going to set up a portion of the wall for the students to construct themselves. This wall will be an example of what can be done artfully, creatively with dry stone construction," said Chuck Eblacker, Eblacker and Stone.
"It's different from anything that would use cement because there is no cement. It really relies on friction between the stones pressed by gravity and the stones being placed in a secure fashion. I think they can be stronger simply because they're flexible because it is loosely constructed – it's flexible," said Dan Snow, visiting artist in residence.
The project is expected to be completed this school year."