Parmelee Farm Stone Wall Workshop

Thanks to organizers Michelle Becker and Andrew Pighills for inviting me to join them at the Parmelee Farm in Killingworth, CT for a 2-day stone wall workshop. Participants worked together to restore a section of wall.  Pictured above are Andrew and Michelle; a "before view" of a section of wall; the finished wall; along with a group photo of stone-enthusiasts Julia (stone-woman extraordinaire) McCurdy, Steve North, Ted Greiner, Andy Greiner, Michael Phillips, Richard Leng, Robert Slover, Bruce Harang, Keith Hoffer, Frank Tracano, Alison Peters, and John Tweed. Not pictured - but there in spirit - are Guido Liberatore, Edward Foote, Peter Griswold, and Marty Raffone.

Well done every one - it's a beautiful wall!