Reader Reviews

As an author I’m naturally curious about what readers think of my books.  From time to time I check into Amazon to read reviews.  With thanks to the reviewers, here are some excerpts.
In The Company of Stone
By Lizabelle - I found this book in the library looking for instruction, and I wasn't interested in another book of pretty pictures. Still, I picked it up, and then spent a good 45 minutes pouring over the pictures and descriptions. And the next day, the images were still in my head. Also the following week. Now that's a good book. 
By Shelley - It is the meshing between the photographer and artist that tells a unique story in pictures. This book wets my appetite for wanting to learn more about this timeless craft!
By Gail - The art of walling, as evidenced by Peter Mauss's photographs, and the skill of walling, as described by Snow, are compulsively fascinating, an adventure for the armchair dreamer. 
By r vanneman - You may not learn a whole lot, but you will be inspired, and that’s the strength of his work! It’s not construction, it’s truly ART! 
Listening to Stone
By Blue - A neighbor gave me this book knowing of my interest in building with stone.
Nice book. Well-illustrated and with compelling commentary by author Snow.
By Timothy - The pictures in this volume are splendid, and the text gives tantalizing glimpses into the creation of the works, much as if the builders of Hadrian's Wall or Stonehenge or Chaco Canyon had jotted down a few notes. 
By Gary - From a fire bowl to an archer's pavilion to upturned stone boats, here are inspirational works of art - many with function as a bonus. 
By M. Luke - This is a book on making your mark with stone and appreciating how others have done this for ages. Very inspiring. I paid a visit to my local stone supplier shortly after reading this.