Bush Hog Love

Introducing the new love of my life; a Bush Hog mower deck welded to a quick-hitch coupler. Now I can range around the Croggery on my front-end loader tearing into briar and bramble patches without my face and hands getting inscribed with bloody hieroglyphics the way they often do from a brush-cutting session with the scythe or gas trimmer. No more herding belligerent pigs, or rounding up escapee goats, either. After forty years of trial and error effort in the quest to keep my land open I've come up with a system that's well suited to the rugged topography. With the articulating 4WD loader I can guide the mower deck over contours and reach up onto, and down over, steep slopes. A big "thank you" to Pinnacle View Equipment in Walpole, New Hampshire for turning my design idea into a reality.