Salem Wall Request

Any DSWA or DSC certificated wallers out there interested in working on a historic wall? This inquiry recently came to me, it's not something I'm able to take on at this time but I told the homeowner I'd pass along the request.
Here it is.
"I am looking for someone to dismantle and reassemble a cemetery wall in Salem, Massachusetts so that we can tend to building repairs. Of course, the cemetery is owned by the city but our home, to which the wall is attached to, is ours. We need to access the area behind the wall to replace rotted clapboard. The wall is coursed granite blocks, four blocks high, with capstones. The cemetery was established in 1718 but there is no detail as to when the wall went up. We have started initial discussions with the city about this project but, at this point, it has been put in our hands to find a contractor and get estimates."