A Good Question About Craftsman Certification Testing

Brian Post works on a seven hour, timed test piece, May 31, 2010.

A good question came to me recently about Craftsman Certification testing.

Matthew wrote:
I was at the  Dry Stone Conservancy's testing two years ago.  I want to return some time in the next two years to attempt certification again.  I passed the retaining wall and wall head portions easily.  Its the timed portion that I have trouble with.  Do you have any suggestions on passing that part?

My reply:
It helps to remember that the timed test is not about creating your best work, but making something to "standard."  By thinking "good enough", and not "best possible" you can move along at a rate that will get the required square footage done in the time allowed.

Some aspects of construction can be done quickly without jeopardising quality.  For instance, stripping out should be a sprint, and hearting done at lightning speed.