Spruce and Stone Assemblage

The first of two, dry stone art workshops in English Harbour, Newfoundland has come to a close.  After four days of working on a hill overlooking Trinity Bay the group completed a four-walled piece that included an assemblage of stone and spruce logs rising from its center.  Stone and spruce are elemental in the Newfoundland landscape. The piece integrates these primary materials with one another, and with their surroundings. My grateful appreciation goes out to Luben, B.J., Cameron, Stewart, Peggy, Clarence and Carol for their unflagging energy, artistic input, craftsmanship and all-around good humor.

The fifth day of the workshop took us to a tiny bay at the end of a 4 kilometer bog walk.  There we spent a short while making a temporary environmental art piece of beach stone.  Probably the best part of the rainy day was picking winterberries and chanterelle mushrooms along the trail.  They were a delicious addition to our evening meal.