English Harbour's Fearless Adventurers

The process of creating a work of art in the landscape involves a lot of physical activity, to be sure, but no less crucial to its conception is a continual winnowing of “knowns” and “unknowns.” At first, the “unknowns” are many. It might be daunting if it wasn’t equally exciting. Questions are stimulating, and answers to them, rewarding. As the “knowns” increase, sense of purpose and resolve grow. At the completion of the piece the “unknowns” have faded away. The piece is at peace in the mind of the creator. The creator’s work is done but the work of the art has just begun. Its presence creates mystery in minds of viewers. A new “unknown” is born. The second, five-day dry stone workshop begins its third day. For the group of nine participants creating works on the grounds of EHAC the “knowns” are just beginning to overtake the “unknowns.”