Stone Art in English Harbour

The final day of the second English Harbour Arts Centre (EHAC) stone art workshop saw the crowning of the group’s creations. A spiral wall that Geoff, Rosalind, Helen and Dugal began on Thursday finished off on Friday with a ribbon of coping.  “Lithoskiff”, the piece Noel, Peter, Neil, Tom, Dugal and Paul began building on Tuesday, was fitted with its keel Friday afternoon. And if all that was not enough, Dugal, Geoff and Helen made their way to a nearby cove to try their hand at making a temporal art piece on the stony beach. Earlier in the week Helen, Rosalind and Geoff completed the restoration of an old retaining wall adjacent to the art center building.

It was a great pleasure for me to work with the group, share meals and swap stories. The stones were made lighter by the good banter and hearty laughter.

A special thanks to Jack, Lucas and Nathan. Many a stone was gathered, loaded and transported on truck bed, ATV trailer and wheelbarrow. It would have been impossible without their help, before, during and after the workshop.

And my grateful appreciation to the EHAC board of directors for inviting me to take part in the 2010 workshop series.

Pictures of the workshops can be seen on the Flickr photostream to the left. Thanks also to Jerry McIntosh for creating a film from the pictures taken by Jack and Elin. Here is the link on YouTube.