Wisconsin Foundation Workshop

Last Friday morning, sod was scraped off an area in an alfalfa field in DeForest, batter frames were erected and guide lines strung. The site for my two-day Wisconsin workshop was ready for action. Stone salvaged from an old barn foundation was distributed around the footing for the walls that would soon rise to become the foundation of a new barn.

Saturday morning the workshop began with six participants. Under my direction and instruction the group built a 12’x20’x3’ structure, the final cap stone being set late Sunday afternoon. The dry stone walls will be a foundation for a small, timber frame barn.  

Many thanks to Mike and Keith for their tremendous efforts in setting up the site, stone laying and clean-up.  To Anne, Ashley, Matt, Joe, Mike R, Jake, Alex, Mike and Keith, thank you for being such willing and able students.  And to Biggie, all our appreciation for the brick-oven baked bread and delicious soup.  

On Monday evening I enjoyed presenting slides, and talking about dry stone fences from around the world, to a very appreciative audience in Mike’s woodshop.  Many thanks to Jean for organizing the event with Mike. It was my first time speaking from a black-walnut log lectern!