Kentucky Testing

After the DSC workshops and competition were concluded, nineteen certification tests took place on the grounds of Shaker Village. The miles of dry stone fence provided the perfect venue for the tasks required in the three-level testing scheme. Examples of the DSC “Basic” test include a wall head by Mario and a timed-build by Lisa. “Journeyman” tests saw Jared at the completion of his timed-build and Mike working on his stepped foundation wall, with Neil checking progress. Chris T. built a water smoot for his “Mastercraftsman” feature.  

Along with taking portions of the Mastercraftsman tests ourselves, Chris T., Neil and I were the test day examiners. We had two very busy but gratifying days to conclude the week of activity at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky. Many thanks to everyone who participated in this special event and especially to Jane, Neil, Chris H., the board of directors and hard working volunteers of the Dry Stone Conservancy who brought it all together, down to smallest but most appreciated details, perfectly.