Creating A Connection With The Spirit Of Place

Photo Credit: Allan Goodman
Flaws add character to both stones and people. Stone workers find inspiration to create in the imperfections of stone. They combine the force of their own imperfections with the power of stones to bring spirit into being. This, and related themes on the subject of Gardens and Spirit will be part of my presentation next Wednesday at 7pm at Trinity Church in the City of Boston. I look forward to the evening and hope to see you there.

Working With Stone: Creating A Connection With The Spirit Of Place
Date: Wednesday 30 March 2011
Time: 7:00 PM
Place: Trinity Church, Copley Square, Boston
Tickets: $20 member, $25 general public 

Available at The Shop at Trinity, by phone 617-536-0944 x225, or online here.
Co-sponsored by Trinity Church and the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University.

The gardener's perspective is the perfect loci for seeking inward and reaching outward, for ordering the experience of time and space, and observing higher orders. Garden makers and stone workers channel the power of nature through their imagination where it is interpreted and transformed through action. 
Dan Snow is a designer of outdoor spaces in stone, and an art maker specializing is dry stone constructions. He is the author of In the Company of Stone and Listening to Stone—Hardy Structures, Perilous Follies, and Other Tangles with Nature and the subject of the PBS documentary Stone Rising.