A Memorial in Stone

Highland Cemetery has been central to the community of Dover, Massachusetts, both physically and culturally, for three centuries. I was there yesterday to deliver and install a headstone. The client wanted something unique and asked me to design a piece that would have a sense of motion. I took his signature from a letter, enlarged it, made a clay model and had it cast in bronze. The bronze name was welded to a bronze frame which I attached to the stone with copper rivets. The stone is mica schist, a piece I found in scree under ledges at one of my gathering sites in Windham County, Vermont.

Many thanks to Mr. J.T. for his patience and encouragement throughout the process, to Rusty for preparations at the cemetery, and to E for being an excellent navigator on our trucking adventure. Also, thanks to Glenn Campbell of Campbell Plaster & Iron, West Rutland, Vermont for the excellent bronze work.