The Stone Fence at the Eighth Hole

Work on the 8th hole stone fence at Cochecho Country Club in Dover, New Hampshire ended on a bright note yesterday with sunny skies. The golfers were out in droves. It will be interesting to see how the new wall becomes part of course play. A ball that hits the wall will ricochet toward the green instead of bounding, as it would have previously, into the rough. In any case, Brian and I are happy to be out of the line of fire from long drives gone astray.

Thanks again to Tony P. for doing the stone plucking while we did the plopping. And for his careful equipment operation in guiding the big ones onto the wall.

We will miss the antics of Miss Dursey, the border collie. Each day she would have us throw a tennis ball for her to fetch until deciding she could do the job better herself, at which point she took the ball to the pond, dropped it in the water, watched it float out a bit and then jumped in and swam out to retrieve it. She practiced this routine over and over, perfectly happy to entertain herself for most of the day.

Today, back home in Vermont, the weather is a different story. An inch of snow on the ground and more falling. Happy Easter everyone!