Sky Watch

The lead up to most of my projects can take months of correspondence and cogitation. That’s alright with me because it allows time for my dreams and desires to grow and wither, or grow and flourish, as they will, before the first stone is picked up and put down. Now and then, an offer to do a project will pop up and within a matter of days things start to happen. Such was the case with this construction, begun yesterday and completed today.

The stones, Monkton quartzite and Panton limestone, were leftovers from masonry work previously done on the home. The site was the back yard with a wide view of the Champlain Valley. The customer’s wish was to have a place to sit for stargazing.

I designed the shape and size of the construction based on the available materials. No drawing was made, I just imagined the piece in my head and went to work. First, I removed the sod and topsoil. Crushed stone was shoveled in for a footing. I wheel-barrowed the stone to the site and had the construction up a foot by the end of the day. On the second day I built up the seat and back, picked up after myself, and was home by suppertime.

Thanks to Karen and Mike L. for having me over to Addison County.