Workshop: Art and the Working Landscape: Shaping our Environment Today

Cultivated land is a handmade environment. In centuries past, the face of Newfoundland was shaped by domestic agricultural activity. While many of the stone walls built during those times have lost their stature as fences, their presence remains a defining characteristic of the land. The close attention that farmers paid to their surroundings is comparable to the awareness artists bring to their work. Dry stone construction is a logical medium of expression for an artist working in the landscape.

I will be returning to English Harbour for two different five-day workshops in July. Participants will learn and practice time-honored dry stone walling skills in a stunningly beautiful setting. Instruction will be offered on the history, design, tools and techniques of dry stone construction. Each workshop will include sketching on site, making and setting up wall profile guides, sorting stone according to best practices, preparing foundations, covering joints and laying stones into the wall. In the practice of dry stone walling, comprehension is gained through repetition. Coherence of place is recognizable in the repetition of elements, textures and colors present in the environment. Investigations of local cultural patterns on the land, wildlife habitats and environmental cycles invite deeper study into their order and pattern. Workshop participants will be encouraged to translate their perceptions into artistic expressions crafted in stone. One day of both workshops will be dedicated to environmental art making.

Two 5-day workshops, weeks of July 18 and 25th, 2011. Please contact the English Harbour Arts Centre, Newfoundland, Canada for details and to register. In addition, I will conduct a Level 1 DSWA Certification Scheme Test on Sunday July 24, 8 am - 4 pm if there is interest. Please contact the DSWA for information. Please note! Applications for examination (“Overseas” Test Application) together with the appropriate Registration Fee of 25 British Pounds must be lodged directly with DSWA(GB) headquarters no later than 6 weeks prior to the test date.