The Fourth Corner is Finished, English Harbour Arts Centre Dry Stone Workshop

The fourth corner is finished, bringing the 2011 English Harbour Arts Centre dry stone workshop to an end. The footprint of the final construction is ‘L’ shaped, fittingly following the pattern of singularly unique shapes created in the previous works: hexagonal, square and circular. With the stone corners in place, the “riddle” fence workshop will soon be replacing the board fence around the Arts Centre.

My thanks go out to all those who made the stone workshops a success. Community members collected stone by the snowmobile trailer load, or by filling up the back of their Subaru. Members of the Centre’s board of directors promoted the workshop, participated in it and brought baked goods and coffee to fuel progress. For those who dug sod, barrowed stone, nailed together guide frames and crafted the works I’m forever grateful for your toil and alacrity.

It’s sad to think that I won’t be scanning the harbor waters for whale activity after today. Hopefully, I’ll be returning to Newfoundland in 2012. It will be nice, though, to be home again in Vermont, even if it’s only for a few days before heading out again. Next stop: Denmark.