TICKON - Diamond Mines Discovered in Tranekær Castle Park

If you are anywhere nearby...please join us! DIAMOND MINES DISCOVERED IN TRANEKÆR CASTLE PARK. Stone Art Building in Nature: Creating a Connection with the Spirit of Place
A talk and slide show
Tuesday 13 September 2011, 7 pm
Sukkerfabrikken, Slottsgade 76, Tranekær, Langeland
Free admission
Coffee and cake
Introduction by Ole Johnsen
For more information, please contact: Ole Johnsen, +45 50 91 02 03, olej56@gmail.com or Alfio Bonanno, +45 22 13 32 93, mail@alfiobonanno.dk

Stone Art Building in Nature: Creating a Connection with the Spirit of Place
Art builders channel the power of nature and transform it through action into art.  

Works of art are born out of an intimate relationship with the landscape and a knowledge and understanding of the materials at hand.  

Working hands inform thought and awaken understanding of the art builder's place in the natural world. Undulant lines and patterned spaces are the result of many choices made by the art builder who recognizes, and utilizes, the unique character of stone.  

The presentation will examine the many uses of stone in art; how stone can support a design, or simply be the art itself. It will also explore the "give and take" experience of working in nature, and the connection to spirit expressed through stone.

The art builder's perspective is the perfect loci for seeking inward and reaching outward for ordering the experience of time and space, and observing higher orders.