Silhouettes in Stone - Equinox Magazine

Diamond Mines, Stone Sculpture © Peter Mauss © Dan Snow
Diamond Mines, Stone Sculpture © Peter Mauss © Dan Snow

"Working hands inform thought and awaken understanding of the art builder's place in the natural world. Undulant lines and patterned spaces are the result of many choices made by the builder who recognizes, and utilizes, the unique character of stone" Dan Snow

The Stone Trust and the craft of dry stone walling in Vermont is featured in the current issue of Equinox Magazine . Click here to read the story.

Excerpt: "The stone walls punctuating Vermont’s farm fields and forests aren’t just pretty scenery. They shed light on centuries-old traditions and tell stories in every bend. A new generation of dry stone wallers is submitting to rigorous training and grueling physical labor to preserve the art and the craft of their ancient practice."

Photo on Page 25 of magazine © Peter Mauss/ESTO.