Newfoundland 5-Day Dry Stone Walling Workshop

We must have done something right in a former life to get so lucky with the week’s weather during the recently completed English Harbour Arts Centre (EHAC) dry stone workshop. Seven participants from two provinces and three states worked under nearly rain-free skies for five days designing and building long-lasting walls and ephemeral art. Some of us even took a dip in the bay; a rare occurrence in Newfoundland waters.

The new work at the art centre is representative of the style of construction and path layout that could be employed for the maze project EHAC proposes to build as a special attraction to the region.

After four days of concentrated effort on the maze walls, the group took to the headlands east of the outport community for some whale, bald eagle and sea otter spotting. Puffins floated on the sea swells two hundred feet below the ledge outcrop that was chosen for working with what the landscape had to offer.  A corbelled grotto was temporarily erected to mimic the natural stone phenomena that’s evident along the coastline.

Jacqueline, Bill, Wendell, Joshua, Franklin, Matthew and Gerry brought their willingness to learn, and practice, dry stone craft to English Harbour. As they got to know each other and the stone better, the labor turned to a good time that continued into the evening. On Wednesday, Kim and Deb hosted a fresh cod dinner followed by a campfire on the beach. Many thanks to all for making the workshop a success. Especially the stone gathering volunteers- you’re the best!