Gardening on Granite

Recently, I was a guest reader during a lecture by Gordon Hayward about his most recent book, Gardening on Granite, at the New Canaan Nature Center. The book was commissioned and privately published by our friend and client, Teddy Berg. Between its 160 pages of photographs and prose is a beautifully documented story of building and planting a mountaintop garden in Walpole, New Hampshire. I worked intermittently, over an 18-year period, creating walls, features and follies on Teddy and Peter Berg’s property to create the framework for Gordon’s garden designs and installations. The presentation, in front of an audience of 60 gardening enthusiasts, was a fitting encore to the wonderful collaboration that began in 1987 and exists to this day between the Berg’s, Gordon and myself. Special thanks to Teddy for organizing the Nature Center event last week and for sharing her good humor and generous spirit every day. To purchase a copy of Gardening on Granite, please write to Rice Mountain Publications, PO Box 566, Walpole, NH 03608.