Swept up in Stone

Screen Shot Article Sept 2014
Screen Shot Article Sept 2014

It’s funny how things come to pass. I guess this story could start with a Kundalini yoga class I took twenty five years ago. As Sat Singh Khalsa, the teacher, and I became friends we began trading trades. He made furniture for my home and I made dry stone walls for his. There were lots of kids running around there. None of them paid any particular attention to what I was doing. At least that’s what I thought. A couple years ago, one of those “kids” contacted me about photographing my work for a magazine article. Gemma, daughter of Sat Singh, and her husband Andy are high caliber, globe trotting, commercial photographers. Together they make up the team that is Ingalls Photography based in Brooklyn, New York.

The Ingalls’ swept through Windham County documenting one project after another as the fall colors waned. In the raking light of early morning and late afternoon they captured dozens of sparkling images. It’s was a treat for me to see my work through their lens and aesthetic.

Time went by and I forgot about the business of a magazine article until I was contacted by Lindsey Taylor, a garden designer and writer who interviewed me and produced the article accompanying the Ingalls’ photographs in this autumn’s issue of Garden Design magazine.

The best part of getting older is witnessing the myriad ways in which lives intersect. There’s a joy in just being around long enough for happenstance to begin to take on recognizable form. As I was taught, once upon a time, in a yoga class; everything’s connected.

The autumn 2014 issue of Garden Design magazine is a beauty to behold. In its newly re-conceived subscription-only, advertisement-free format, the magazine is like a coffee table book with sumptuous photographs on every page. My thanks go out to the Garden Design staff for including my work alongside that of many talented artisans, to Lindsey for a clear and compelling article, and to Gemma and Andy for the truly splendid photography.