Newfoundland: Not Just About “The Rock”

Newfoundland’s well deserved nickname is “The Rock.” You can’t go anywhere on the island without running into some new geologic wonder to explore. An ample supply of loose building stone is what first drew me to Canada’s easternmost province but in the five, annual pilgrimages I’ve made to Newfoundland since 2010 I’ve discovered that there’s much more going on there.

Last summer, a flotilla of Greenland icebergs sailed the open ocean along the northeast coast for our viewing pleasure. Pods of humpback whales fed on schools of capelin in the bays. Puffins nested among ledges overhanging crashing surf. Hiking in Newfoundland always yields great vistas, plus, a bumper crop of wild berries to gorge on.

Again this summer, I will be leading a stone-focused environmental art workshop for English Harbour Arts Center. When not busily engaged with the group of enthusiastic art makers I’ll set off to sea, or overland, looking for adventure. Please join me July 26-30 for a fun week creating a dry stone feature in the landscape of the Bonavista peninsula.

For registration, questions, or comments, contact Deb Wickwire by email at or Kim Paddon by email at or (in Canada) by phone at 709-738-3218. Max 8 participants. Registration Deadline: June 15.