Dry Stone Walling Workshop at The Stone Trust

It must be said, “The Stone Trust Has It All.” That’s the conclusion I came away with after spending the weekend instructing a Features Workshop there. Not only were the participants an enthusiastic group of talented individuals, the panels they created display the wide variety of possibilities that dry stone offers. Co-instructor Chris Tanguay and I, with fantastic support from Brian Post, Jared Flynn and Judy Rand, led eight, stalwart builders in the process of designing and building a series of 3’x5’ wall sections that are now part of the Scott Farm’s permanent infrastructure.

If the variety of stone types and techniques weren’t enough to keep our attention, the weather on both days certainly did. We were treated to gloriously warm sunshine on Saturday and persistent drizzle under grey skies on Sunday. No one was deterred for a second by the glaring sun or the soaking rain. By the end of the day the panels were up and the group received their well deserved certificates of completion. Thanks to Olga, Nancy, Cory, Judy, Doug, Gerard, Mike, and Scott for their high spirits and admirable work ethic.