Wall Building Workshop at Scott Farm

This coming weekend will be the second walling workshop that has taken place at Dummerston's historic Scott Farm. If you're familiar with the setting from the movie "Cider House Rules"; that is Scott Farm. The location couldn't be nicer and the weather forcast is for sunny skies.

I'm continually impressed by the strong desire to learn that partisipants bring to workshops. They want to know how a wall works and how to build one that will last. I get a lot of pleasure in seeing how my instruction is interpreted. I can explain the principles but it's up to the individule to put them into action. What I've learned is that even though the rules for good construction are hard bound, the way two people approach a stock pile of stones can be delightfully different. I am constantly adjusting my own perspective as a result of seeing the choices others make. They are often quite different from ones I would think of, but resolve the questions at hand in fine fashion none the less.

See you wall side.