Derelict Wall Rebuilt

Scott Farm Walling Workshop
This past weekend a great group of fine folks came together to pull apart a derilect stone wall and rebuild it, anew. There was an understandable note of panic on the faces of the novice wallers when they saw the depth of the footing hole, and height of the stone mounds, they'd created on Saturday morning. But confidence levels rose as courses of stone were added and by Sunday morning everyone was feeling pretty good about their achievements. And well they should have. The 19 participants worked tirelessly applying the tecniques taught by Jared Flynn, myself and special guest instructor from Cumbria, England, Andrew Loudon. A salute goes out to Amanda, John, Dave, Tim, Emily, Brittany, Lance, Bill, Marianne, Kurt, Dillon, Debbie, John, Stewart, Kristen, Steve, Claire, Jim and Janet. Their enthusiasm and good humor made my part in the enterprise a total pleasure.

More pictures up on Flickr. If have pictures to share on Flickr, please tag them with "scott farm stone wall workshop".