Getting It Right

It’s exciting to discover a venue for the arts that’s getting it right. The Indianapolis Art Museum’s 100 Acres sculpture park is one that is in every way. A former gravel pit has been transformed through natural reclamation and architectural design to become an art and nature park. The ongoing commission of site specific art works brings a vitality to the landscape unusual in sculpture garden design. Works are added annually and to date eight pieces have been integrated into the environment. All have some level of park visitor interaction. 

Perhaps most adored is “Funky Bones” by the Dutch group Atelier Van Lieshout. The plywood and fiberglass piece is a natural for kid’s play. At the other end of the spectrum is the suspended aluminum rings of “Team Building (Align)” by Type A. The sleek forms hover like a spacecraft in an opening of the woods. Finnish artist Tea Makipaa’s “Eden II” is a mixed media extravaganza with live and taped video drama, plus a floating ghost ship.

I was passing through Indianapolis recently and was glad I could make a quick stop at 100 Acres. Go see it anytime but I think it’s best enjoyed on days when there are lots of people around. This is art that wants YOU.