A Stone Works Tour

Employing a medium and a method of construction that has proven itself over thousands of years I understand that my works in dry stone may be around long after I’m gone. But what I hadn’t fully grasped, until recently, is that they also develop a personality, and life of their own, independent of their making and maker. Last month Michaela Harlow, a long-time friend and fellow artist, asked if I’d give her a short tour of a few projects of mine. We looked in on works I hadn’t visited in a while. Maybe because I was seeing them through her eyes, as she explored the pieces and commented on them, they seemed very different to me. And when she posted photos she took of them on her blog I was doubly delighted. Through the images I saw aspects of the work that had totally escaped me before. A big “thank you” to Michaela for a beautiful write-up and for introducing me to stone work I mistakenly thought I already knew.

Photo courtesy of Michaela Harlow.