Reika Avaruudessa – A Hole in the Universe

Collage Sketch
Collage Sketch
During the snowy months I get busy indoors with planning for the up-coming building season. For the outdoor installation at Kerava Museum of Art I've settled on a theme and written a materials list. I've also made collage sketches to illustrate the way I desire the work to feel (not how I think it would look).

The theme, or title, of my piece for the exhibit is Viiru. In Finnish, viiru means streaks. The streaks I'm referring to are what geologists call schlierren. They are streaks or irregularly shaped masses in an igneous rock that differ in texture or composition from the main mass. They can be found in the smallest beach pebbles, and across the broadest plains of exposed bedrock. They are previously empty spaces now filled; materialized voids.  

The viiru of my sculpture installation for Reikä Avaruudessa – A Hole in the Universe are spaces made tangible, the cracks in time when voids turn solid.  
The main mass of the art work is a dry stone construction. Within the stone work are translucent, laminated glass pockets; viiru.

Construction materials include:
20 cubic meters- loose, clean, natural stone (pebbles, cobbles and boulders)
1 cubic meter- scrap glass (from retail or industrial recycling)
1 gallon- clear adhesive (Lexcel or similar product)