Kerava Art Museum Opening Invitation

You are cordially invited! Exhibition Opening Friday 27 May 2011, 5 - 7 PM
At the Kerava Art Museum
May 27 - August 28, 2011
The exhibition, brought to being by sculptor and professor of Environmental Art Markku Hakuri, focuses on the human and the surrounding universe poetically through surprising spatial experiences. On this trip Hakuri has invited his colleagues, renowned environmental artists Juliane Stiegele from Germany, Daniel Snow from the United States and Michal Cimala from the Czech Republic. A Hole in the Universe is born when the world is nudged off its usual orbit and when it is time to see and understand differently.

The exhibition artists are: Pilar Andeyro, Riikka Aresalo, Scott Andrew Elliott, Markku Hakuri, Tristan Hamel, Roel Meijs, Salla Salin, Dan Snow and Juliane Stiegele.

Public seminarmon Friday 27th of May from 12 o'clock to 4 pm. Why do I make art? Why do I make it the way I do? Artists of the exhibition describe their work and answer questions from the audience. Ossi Naukkarinen, Doctor of philosophy and Head of research of the Art Department at Aalto University School of Art and Design, is the seminar's chairman. The seminar is free of charge. Further information: or by phone 040-318 3435.