TICKON - Fieldstone and Hearting

The field-stone for my installation at TICKON (Tranekær International Centre for Art and Nature) comes with some of the “field” it was gathered from; mud.

My first objective has been to dig out the stone. While the supply was drying out I began setting up batter frames. Each board describes an inside corner of the construction. Because the wall intersections are many different obtuse and acute angles, each board is set to correspond to the intersection angle and to the wall batter. The wall batter is 2.5” in every 12” of vertical height. Work on the piece begins at the center and moves out toward the perimeter as progress is made over the next few weeks.

Hearting materials had to be sourced from a different location. Smaller stone was found at a potato farm that cleans its fields more finely than those of the wheat farms. We hand loaded a small trailer, drove it to the site, and off-loaded using Jared’s special “boot heel” technique.