Stone Eye Sculpture Site Preparations

In their later years, my parents enjoyed belonging to Vermont’s “251 Club.”

Members travel around the state visiting all 251 towns, checking them off a list, just for fun. Maybe someday I’ll join, too, making my personal quest to see all of Vermont in a more organized way. For now, I’m satisfied to explore different townships through my work.

Over the past few days I assembled the materials for a sculpture installation in Morrisville, VT. I checked out marble blocks in Rutland, bought building stone from a quarry in Plainfield and lumber from a mill in North Hyde Park.

On site in Morrisville, I outlined the piece with sticks and ribbon to get a sense of its presence on the land, began excavation and finished the foundation work. The stonework will rest on a 3’ deep base of crushed stone. When completed, the sculpture will enclose two burial plots. The addition of a sand-filled,wood coffer will allow the second grave to be easily hand-dug at a future date.

Thanks to Tim Stone for trucking and to Buckwheat, Tom, Brian and Larry of Green Mountain Landscaping for their fine work preparing the site. 

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