Light and Shadow Boxed in Stone

Another spurt of mild weather found me back in Connecticut for more work on Hogpen Hill. Chuck, Jared, Matt and Brian joined me in continuing the walling events begun on the previous visit, three weeks ago, and in starting something new.

Edward Tufte’s thinking about what he’d like done on his land evolves as the work progresses. Derelict portions of old agricultural fence are being removed and replaced with dry stone features that introduce new elements of light and shadow to their lengths. The traditional concept of a wall creating a barrier between spaces is turned inside out.

Opposite sides of the wall talk to each other through these new constructions. Walls have become windows and doors to the other side. And in the case of the latest construction, the wall becomes an elevated, zig-zag pathway with entry and exit ramps allowing communication from end to end, and side to side.  

One tradition is being kept. All the stone for creating the new events is harvested on the property. Friable ledge outcrops are being jiggled apart by the back hoe bucket and transported a few hundred yards with the track dump to the building site. Thanks to Tom and John for keeping us supplied with fresh goods.

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