Diamond Mines Frosted with Snow

Birgit, Elin’s Danish aunt, took a walk in the winter woods of TICKON recently to find my “Diamond Mines” frosted with snow. Only having seen the piece in autumn, when I completed it, it’s exciting for me to have a glimpse of how it looks in a different season. Thanks, Birgit, Lars, Susanne, Thomas and Sofie!

Unlike the majority of the world’s art pieces, displayed in controlled settings of four walls and artificial lighting, environmental art works are not fixed in time or static in space. They develop a life of their own beyond their moment of creation. To view a piece of environmental art over a span of time is to connect what was known with what is new, to accept what’s been lost and celebrate what’s been found. Environmental art doesn’t stand outside of our experience. It’s sympathetic to the human condition.

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