Woodland Stone Tables

Another dry stone landform has begun to take shape at Hogpen Hill Farms. Three dozen “tables” have been assembled along one of the long ribs that constitute the high ground in the woodland park. The directive by Edward Tufte for this piece is to create the illusion of stones floating along the ridge top when viewed from the low ground along each side of the rib, and to establish a strong linear pattern from the bird’s eye view.  

A variety of means are being employed to give the tabletop stones their “lift.”  Some tables have two wide “legs” for support. Others have three stones, with their top points making a triangle of support. The top surfaces are flat and wide, forming an elevated path with short hops between stones. The tables have individual character.  Linked together, they comprise a singular event.

Edward observed that the tables have an awkward stability. Not awkward in a negative sense of the word, but just as a descriptor of their personality; in the same way that it might be said trees have a graceful stability.

This most recent work has been carried out with the help of Jared and Joshua from Vermont. Local Connecticut team talent includes Tom, John and Edward.

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