Gardening on Graniite

In late autumn of 2011 Gordon Hayward called to say that Teddy Berg had asked him to write a book about her gardens on Rice Mountain in Walpole, New Hampshire. He wanted to know if I’d care to contribute a few essays, and, of course, I said I’d be pleased and honored to do so. ‘Gardening on Granite’ is hot off the presses this month. It’s a large-format book packed with gorgeous photographs and a lovingly told, personal history of a very special place and time.    

Peter and Teddy’s mountain top home has been the subject of a previous book by Jeffery Simpson, titled, ‘The Accidental Architect.’ In that volume, the stories of the Peter’s many building escapades on the mountain were well chronicled. This new book is a companion piece, with Teddy’s stories of creating the gardens that grace the grounds around the home, guest houses and outbuildings.

Gordon and I became involved in the design, construction and planting of the gardens beginning in 1987. From practical terrace gardens of perennial flowers to fantastical folly gardens, wild with native shrubbery, the planting scheme and style of stonework evolved over the next twenty years. We were lucky to work with clients who encouraged and nurtured our creativity, and ultimately, became our dearest friends.

The book is currently not available at bookstores, please direct inquiries to:Rice Mountain PublicationsP. O. Box 566Walpole, NH 03608

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