Stone Eye Passage Roof Stones

A recent chance drive-by along Vermont Route 15 led to the discovery of Jeffersonville Quarry, and a way forward with the stone eye. In less than 36 hours, I’d sourced stone for vaulting the ceiling of the passage, ordered the pieces (which were quickly quarried out by Ken Gillilan) trucked them to the building site, and installed them.

From the bucket of the loader, I slid a slab onto planks, got two fiberglass electric fence rods under them and rolled them across the passage opening, repeating the process four more times to complete the coverage.

On another day this past week I laid up 30 sq. ft. of curved retaining wall (indicated by the dust covered section in the foreground of photograph above).

Many thanks to Ken and AnnMarie of Jeffersonville Quarry and their sons, Keegan, Kaydan and Kaleb for a good lesson in family farming.

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