A Transcontinental Journey

The last day on our transcontinental journey begins in Twin Falls, Idaho. By this afternoon we should be at our Oregon destination for the installation of a sculpture at the Central Oregon Community College. The O.H. and I have tag-team driven from Eastern Newfoundland across three provinces and twelve states in the past week and a half with just a 2-day stop at home in Vermont to unpack and repack the car. The weather has been cooperative, only occasional rain-storms and wind gusts to impede our westerly progress.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower was thinking like a general when he initiated the construction of the interstate highway system. His experience in WWII taught him the value of good roads for moving equipment and personnel. I’ve witnessed some Armed Forces transport on this trip but overwhelmingly it is commercial trucks plying the roads. There’s a river of goods flowing across America in box trailers and on flatbeds.

On the open highways of the west, heavy trucks rule the road but now and then a jester lightens the way. Apparently, the bicycle is an acceptable mode of transportation on the Utah interstate!